Nuevo Jardin, Peru

A New Church Established in a Village on the Banks of the Pachana River, a Tributary off the Amazon River
Sherwood Baptist Church is working with our very own, church plant and sister church located in the Loreto Region of the jungles and rain forest of Peru. With a God-given vision to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a previously un-reached people group in the Amazon Jungle, we continue to travel to this difficult-to-reach and primitive area to tell others about the saving grace obtainable through faith. The church and people of the Nuevo Jardin Village are kind, welcoming, and beautiful to know and have fully embraced their new-found faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to joining with this newly founded church to reach other similar villages located in that same region of the Amazon jungle. For more on how God brought this incredible work together, see: VIDEO.